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5 Joys of being Single

The Joys of Being Single

This topic feels really alive for me at the moment. It’s been such a long time since I was and rediscovering this fresh space feels both exciting and daunting. I’ve decided after the year I’ve had to really embrace it. To spend time deepening the connection I have with myself while I tend to the fresh wounds I have, and to also invite more joy, fun and fresh energy in from this space.

For those of you who have been following my work for a while you’ll know that both my dad and grandad passed away suddenly within months of one another. During this time I was also navigating the endings of two significant romantic relationships, so there’s been a lot of grief. Being single is a must for me at this time.

However, it’s not always easy, as we live in a culture that heavily places our worth on who we’re in partnership with, why we’re not, and who finds us fuckable. I’m ready to enter into this space of singleness and feel into the rewards that are here.

Being single comes with so many joys that are often disregarded, here are a few:

1. You have the time and space to deepen the relationship you have with yourself. This may look like: starting a meditation and yoga practice, getting fit and healthy, taking yourself to new classes and solo travelling. It is an amazing time to cultivate new habits and routines.

2. You’re able to focus on growing your career and following your ambitions. Being single is a perfect time to put more energy into other areas of your life such as your career, and chasing short-term and long-term goals.

3. You can cultivate new and old friendships. Again, being single is a delicious time to put time, care, energy and effort into your platonic relationships, as well as relationships with your family. You can get your needs for emotional intimacy and connection me through these.

4. You have the time to be spontaneous and try new things without compromise. You can book a random trip away, go to that festival and take yourself out to meet new people on a whim.

5. It's the perfect chance to casually date, meet new people and explore your sexuality in a way that you can often be limited in long-term monogamous relationships!

So these are just a few learnings from my short time being single, and I’m really looking forward to exploring more!

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