• Aimie Duggan

Butterfly Symbolism

Butterfly meaning

The butterfly is a reminder for you to enjoy the delights of the present moment. If you watch the butterfly and the way it moves, you will notice that it does not stay in one place for too long, this is one of its strengths and it is a reminder that any thoughts, feelings and emotions will always come to pass.

Remember the transience of all things, the good and the bad.

Seeing the butterfly bless us with it’s unique beauty may also reflect how you naturally move through the world, according to your true nature. Allow yourself to move from place to place with ease and grace. Move in ways that feel natural to who you are, regardless of the thoughts and opinions of other people.

Seeing more than one come into your home can indicate a time of great positive shifts & transformations in the area of the home. It can also mean that new, more aligned relationships and connections are coming into your life. Allow the shifts + changes to occur with grace and ease.

If you feel a connection to this beautiful animal do not fear your true nature which may be seen as lacking stability. Instead, embody your freedom and desire to flit from place to place spreading love, joy and radiance.

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